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Bengal Vs Savannah Cat : Are they Alike? (Similarities & Differences)

Cat lovers all over the globe are aware that there are numerous unique breeds of cats but the Bengal and Savannah cats, in particular, have become more well-known in recent years. Although they initially appear to be similar to one another, these two groups are distinct from the others.

Even though both Bengal and Savannah’s cats are descended from the cross between a domestic cat and a wild cat, they have quite distinct personalities. A Bengal is a hybrid of an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat, whereas a Savannah is the offspring of a Serval and a domestic cat.

Bengal and Savannah’s cats are both hybrid varieties of feral cats, contrary to popular belief. While they share many characteristics, their ancestry has a pronounced impact on their physical characteristics. Continue reading to find out more about these amazing breeds.

Bengal vs Savannah Cat Similarities

These breeds are half-domestic and half-wild, so it is no wonder that they can have similar behavior!

Athletic and Energetic

Bengals and Savannah’s cats are extraordinarily endowed physically because of their wild ancestry. Both of these cats are renowned for their ability to leap into the air from a standing position. These cats need to have plenty of opportunities to burn off their extra energy because they are both very high-energy.

They will become restless and anxious if they are not provided enough space to move around and explore their surroundings. Both breeds enjoy playing with physically demanding toys that allow them to demonstrate their prowess in both jumping and sprinting.

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Loves Water

These breeds enjoy having access to flowing water, whether you simply turn on the faucet, buy a cat water feature, or even bathe them.

Bengal and Savannah cats share a love of water thanks to their wild heritage. According to Animal Diversity

Asian leopard cats are exceptional swimmers and prefer to live near bodies of water. Bengal cats, despite being primarily domesticated, appear to share their ancestor’s tastes in that they both enjoy being near water.

The ancestors of Savannah cats also enjoy the water! According to, servals are frequently seen close to bodies of water where they seek and catch fish.

Likes to be Outside

Bengal and Savannah cats should not be left unattended outside because of the numerous risks connected with living outside, which causes outdoor cats to live significantly shorter lives. They still need to appreciate the outdoors safely, but that doesn’t mean they can’t.

Savannah Cat

Similar to walking canines, some owners enjoy taking their Bengal or Savannah cats for walks. Additionally, this gives both of these breeds much-needed exercise they need and satisfies their curiosity about strange sights and scents.

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Curious Creatures

Bengal and Savannah cats, both highly clever breeds, have a reputation for being mischievous. These cats are excellent problem solvers, so if you shut a door on either of them, odds are they will find a way to open it anyhow.

In addition, they will go to considerable lengths to learn everything there is to know about their surroundings.


Cats from Savannah and Bengal breeds are well known for their vocalizations. To get what they want or just to speak to you, they will gladly chatter away to their owner. Your Bengal or Savannah cat may meow or trill in the middle of the night; this is likely just them saying hello, so don’t be alarmed.

Don’t Shed Much

Bengal and Savannah cats shed very little and don’t cause their owners too much bother. Bengals have one coat of silky fur, which only sheds hair in specific situations. Savannah cats still don’t shed nearly as much as regular cats despite having a more typical double layer of hair. Although both breeds still need routine maintenance and cleaning.

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Bengal vs Savannah Cat Differences

Despite their apparent similarities, these two breeds vary in several important ways. As each cat has a distinct set of characteristics, their genetic makeup is only partially identical.

Different Coloring and Markings

Bengals and Savannah cats both come in a variety of colors with many variations within each. Their markings are the primary point of distinction.

Similar to their Serval forebears, Savannah cats have dark spots all over their bodies that look stunning against their fur.

Bengal cats stand out from other cat breeds thanks to their distinctive patterns.

Bengal’s markings were completely determined by its breeding history.

Steep Difference in Cost

It is normal to anticipate spending a fair amount of money when purchasing a particular breed of cat. Both of these breeds are expensive because they are rare and distinctive, but Bengals are more widely accessible because they have been around for a longer period.

So, savannah cats are even more expensive than Bengal cats for the simple reason that there are fewer of them in existence. Due to their rarity and value, first-generation Savannah cats are extremely expensive.

The Bengals Aren’t as Large as Savannah Cats

 Savannah cats are comparable in size to Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats. Because of this, many owners discover that Savannah cats aren’t quite the right match for them. This is because these cats can find it challenging to live comfortably in small homes due to their sheer size.

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Savannah cats can reach sizes comparable to some canine breeds, such as the golden retriever. Bengals are much more compact than their rival, which makes it simpler for them to survive in a smaller environment.

Savannah Cats Are Wilder Than Bengals

The typical Savannah cats that are marketed as pets have more “wild” genes than domestic cats, making them more like Servals in appearance. Because they behave more like dogs than most cats do and will follow you around with intense loyalty, some owners adore this trait in their pets.

Other pet owners find these cats to be extremely boisterous. Savannah cats, though very devoted and affectionate cats, can be a little bit more fierce than Bengal cats because of their genetically “wild” nature.

Given their larger percentage of housecat genes, Bengals lean more toward domesticity. While your Bengal cat may laze around a little bit more than a Savannah cat, they are quick to spring into action when they detect that it is time to play.

Final Thoughts

A very large and active breed, Savannah cats act more like sociable dogs than normal house cats. Bengals are much smaller than typical domestic cats, but they are also athletic and inquisitive. Knowing more from breeders and owners about Bengal and Savannah cats will help you determine which breed will best suit your lifestyle.

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